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Palm / HP webOS freeware applications
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»Palm Web OS freeware apps and games!
More than 9,400 free Palm Pre / Pixi software, medical applications, bluetooth and GPS tools for HP webOS powered Palm Pre and Palm Pixi, together with Palm OS powered Tungsten, LifeDrive, Centro and Treo smartphones.

Wireless, Twitter, Facebook, Social and battery Palm free appps together with ebooks, business, database and phone applications absolutely free for Your Palm smartphone.

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» Palm / HP webOS communication freeware apps
Popular communication freeware for Palm
TreoMsgr v6.0TreoMsgr v6.0
With TreoMsgr, you can schedule messages for delivery in the.
Profiles v1.05tProfiles v1.05t
Missing profiles of you mobile phone on your Treo 600/650/68.
CallGuard v1.2CallGuard v1.2
CallGuard is a free application that can help you to control
kMeteo v0.9kMeteo v0.9
kMeteo permit to get weather in your Palm. You can get weath.
Radio Pirate v2.0Radio Pirate v2.0
Keep track of all you favorite radio scanner frequencies wit.
cotoGPS v1.5.0cotoGPS v1.5.0
GPS program. Features: - Shows posit.
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» o2 WebSMS
• Summary: o2 Web SMS – einfach und komfortabel SMS senden. Mit der o2 Web SMS App können Kunden von o2 in den Tarifen Internet Pack S, M oder L einfach und komfortabel die dort enthaltenen 50 Frei-SMS...

• Arrived: 2010-06-16
• Found under: Productivity, Utilities, Communication,

Rating: 2.0/5
  • Currently 2.00/5
» Tweed Trial
• Summary: NEW VERSION: patches to webOS 1.4 problems. Go to for release notes. Tweed is the next-generation Twitter client designed to leverage the Palm webOS platform....

• Arrived: 2010-03-29
• Found under: Social Networking, Communications, lifestyle, social networking,

Rating: 4.0/5
  • Currently 4.00/5
» Spaz
• Summary: FREE FOREVER! Always open source, no ads! New in 1.1.0: * NEW: "Hold" menu on messages in timelines for quick access to Reply, RT, Quote actions * NEW: Preference to enable/disable sending on...

• Arrived: 2010-03-11
• Found under: Social Networking, Chat, Twitter, Communications,

Rating: 4.0/5
  • Currently 4.00/5
» Messenger v2.0
• Summary: Display a message on the screen for others to see, for people, who need to let her ( him ) know without words, because it is too l...

• Arrived: 2009-02-21
• Found under: Communication, Wireless,

Rating: 3.7/5
  • Currently 3.67/5
» Yanoff v1.5.4
• Summary: Yanoff is a free UseNet newsreader. Here are some key features of "Yanoff": ...

• Arrived: 2009-01-24
• Found under: Communication, Internet,

» Win-Hand 8.7
• Summary: Control your home computer through your Palm with Win-Hand...

• Arrived: 2008-12-15
• Found under: Communication, &, Infrared, Windows, Win-Hand,

Rating: 5.0/5
  • Currently 5.00/5
» WebMgr v1.0
• Summary: WebMgr is a PalmOS applications that allows you to submit page requests to web servers. It was designed to allow Pal...

• Arrived: 2008-11-27
• Found under: Communication, Internet,

» Opera Mini for Palm OS v4.2.13216
• Summary: Opera Mini is a fast and tiny Web browser, that allows you to access the full Internet on your Palm OS device. Opera ...

• Arrived: 2008-11-26
• Found under: Communication, Internet,

Rating: 3.8/5
  • Currently 3.75/5
» Opera Mini for Palm OS v4.1.11355 / 4.2.13057 beta
• Summary: Opera Mini is a fast and tiny Web browser, that allows you to access the full Internet on your Palm OS device. ...

• Arrived: 2008-11-13
• Found under: Communication, Internet,

Rating: 3.3/5
  • Currently 3.33/5
» Pocketerm II v1.0
• Summary: Pocketerm II is a VT100 terminal emulator, sporting features such as macros, a smooth-scrolling screen, Telnet connectivity, and c...

• Arrived: 2008-09-11
• Found under: Communication, Internet,

Rating: 4.0/5
  • Currently 4.00/5

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